Wooden demijohns lt. 25

340 mm 430 mm 510 mm
Capacity (lt) 25
Weight (gr) 5500
Height (mm) 510
Base diameter (mm) 340
Body diameter (mm) 430

An industrial packaging made of wood is undoubtedly an efficient way to protect the glass carboys, but if your are looking for high-quality properties and additional values don't go any further from the artisan products such as Cadamuro wooden demijohns.

Cadamuro Company always pays attention to the traditions and is still keeping some of the finest manufacturing techniques to produce its wood baskets and plastic packagings for carboys and demijohns. A manufacturing competence that actually describes a very deep connection between the territory and its wine production and preservation.

The wood baskets and packagings made by Cadamuro are able to provide a complete and well-finished product for glass carboys and demijohns protection and carriage. An authentic, reliable and convenient manufactured item very appreciated by our clients since many years.

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