Plastic Demijohns lt. 54

405 mm 520 mm 650 mm
Capacity (lt) 54
Weight (gr) 8400
Height (mm) 650
Base diameter (mm) 405
Body diameter (mm) 520

Cadamuro Company is renowned for its production of wooden and plastic baskets for any kind of demijohns. Take the opportunity to discover all the characteristics of our demijohns for sale.

The Cadamuro 54 l plastic baskets for wine demijohns are a great symbol of quality, elegance and convenience: one of the best source of pride between all Cadamuro handcrafted products.

Store and preserve all the organoleptic features of wine and give to your demijohn a good-quality protection against possible impacts.

Besides if you wish to change the cover of your demijohns, just come and visit us, we will show you the Cadamuro's wide range or artisan products and items.

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