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Cadamuro, a historical Company

Producing demijohn baskets with quality and passion

Deep-felt attachment to traditions and quality leadership are at the core of our demijohn producer company. Thanks to an increasingly substantial market presence, we decided to break the product limits and started selling the complete demijohn baskets. Applying high quality materials and professional craftsmanship Cadamuro demijohn manufacturer rapidly gained acceptance and recognition among the best sector companies in the North East of Italy.

The company’s expansion however did not affect the typical care and attention devoted by family run businesses to product quality, high professional standards in customer relationships and respect for tradition.

Passion for details

Artisan company since 1964

Cadamuro was established in 1964 as a manufacturer of fruit and vegetables wood packing cases. In response to precise market needs, founder Giovanni has embarked the company on a course of market leadership as demijohn baskets producer.

Industrial production

Relationship with the client

The Cadamuro company puts down the reasons for its success to courtesy in business relationships, quality of materials, authentic producing and field experience, all together geared to create and improve in time the Cadamuro company manufacture.

The experience of our company as demijohn producer allows us to offer products that can ensure high quality and convenience by using first choice materials. Every demijohn is produced with great attention to details, according to our company’s traditions and values based on responsibility and professionalism towards our clients.

Where we are

Cadamuro Giovanni s.n.c.
di Cadamuro Walter, Mirko & C..
Legal Residence : Via General Mengaldo,9
31010 Cimadolmo (TV)
P.IVA: 03559390269
R.E.A.: 283625


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