Manufacturing excellence

Handcrafted and innovation

Glass carboys and materials selection

With our glass carboys manufacturing we make traditions and quality of local Italian vineries available worldwide. Modern and environmentally friendly materials, state-of-the-art technologies, handmade sensitivity and quality control combine harmoniously in every glass demijohn produced by Cadamuro.

The company Cadamuro put together a true passion for the product, a particular attention to the reliability of materials and a notable expertise, that allow to produce a high quality demijohns for wine with basket made of wood or plastic, meeting the needs of customers in Veneto, in Italy and abroad.

Experience and professionalism

Artisan Experience and professionalism

Nowadays our company still manufactures demijohns and carboys according to old handicraft methods and techniques, with the care, experience and professionalism developed through the years, starting from a careful and accurate choice of glass and wood materials. Rich traditions of glass making in Venice ensure the highest quality of carboys and demijohns that we produce with passion and warmth sustained by many generations of artisan professionals. Cadamuro personally sells its glass demijohns and carboys building strong and consistent relationships with clients.

Where we are

Cadamuro Giovanni s.n.c.
di Cadamuro Walter, Mirko & C..
Legal Residence : Via General Mengaldo,9
31010 Cimadolmo (TV)
P.IVA: 03559390269
R.E.A.: 283625


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