Plastic Demijohns lt. 5

250 mm 320 mm 200 mm
Capacity (lt) 5
Weight (gr) 1720
Height (mm) 320
Base diameter (mm) 200
Body diameter (mm) 250

Glass demijohns are synonymous with quality and certainly the best way to simplify wine's carriage. Precisely for this reason, our Company has improved its production of glass demijohns and grown with successful satisfying different kind of customer needs and the market's requests.

Between the materials that we daily use for our glass demijohns baskets, the wood and plastic are the most suitable for our products and they totally suit our philosophy of artisan production. We love to take care of any details to make Cadamuro glass demijohns the best instruments to store and preserve wine.

Quality, competence and respect of the traditions make Cadamuro one of the most important and appreciated Company in this specific industry. Buy from us your demijohns or get a new wood or plastic baskets for your wine jugs.

Come and visit us, we will pleased to assist you during the purchasing process.

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